Are you joining the soup revolution? We present the Soup-Server®. The world’s first soup machine serving a delicious soup made from fresh, all natural ingredients. There is nothing else like it!



• The world’s first automatic dispenser able to serve a 100% natural and ready-to-use soup
• Unique method of ‘cold fusion’: perfect preservation of nutritional values, taste, color and smell
• Easy to store product with 12-month shelf life
• Storage at ambient temperature, no cold circuit
• Without artificial additives, flavor or color enhancers
• Closed system, guarantees hygiene and food safety (HACCP)
• Different payment options (coins, cards, free vending)
• Fully automatic
• Hot Soup of the Day at any time
• Easy to operate touch screen
• Simple operation and cleaning
• Self-service or serviced
• Holds 12 liters of soup for up to 12 hours
• Unique barcode system


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